Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Life

Splendid Saturday

Yesterday Kazhia and Kelsey came home! Me and Nikki were so excited that right when we got off work we went and saw our Best Friend. By the time I got home Kelsey was already on the go with my sister Emily shopping around so i didn't get to see her yet! :( We were telling Kaz what we did when she was gone, and then we all wanted to go get frosty's, so i had to go home and grab some moola first. I ran inside and guess who was home?! MY KELSEY! She was laying on the couch and I didn't even care if she got up to hug me, I hugged her when she was laying on the couch dead tired :) I MISSED HER! After frosty's me, Kaz and Nikki went and bought Stephanie Alred some really cute flowers and stopped by her graduation open house on the way to the mall. These are my findings :)

I love this shirt, I just need to get better at tying bow's
Close up- I love purple.This shrug is so cute! For some reason it kept turning out to look blue, But it's a light purple.
Then, yes, I went there. 80's Acid Wash Jeans! Their actually really cute too! :)
I also got 2 under shirts that I was in need of. A white one and a black one. Nothing too exciting.
Then we went back to Kazhia's house and watched "Bride Wars" It was a fun and cute, but sad movie! I seriously CRIED!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fortune Cookie and Earth

Yesterday I went to Panda Express and my fortune cookie was seriously what I needed to hear! It said: "Your hard work will soon pay off" Even if it is a silly little paper, It boosted my confidence a little about working for a car this summer! Wahooo!

Also, I failed to mention that earlier this week I went and saw Earth! It was C-R-A-Z-Y! I still can't even comprehend how they got certain footage that they did, But it was cool! There was a polar bear trying to eat a baby walrus! EEEEKKKK! ha-ha and a lot of other things eating,well,other things :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Day with the Doc!

This little girl looks way too happy to be gargling salt water.
So last night before I was going to bed my throat started hurting, so I drank tons of water, then went right on to bed. Then I kept waking up in the middle of the night and i would swallow, and about scream, It was so dry! I could feel how swollen my tonsils were! When I woke up this morning about 7:00 I went into the bathroom with a flash light, my throat was super red and there were bumps on my throat and my tonsils were all red and purple looking!! ( For those of you who don't know my tonsils grew inside out, so when this happens it hurts worse than normal and it takes a little longer to heal :(... ) Then they started bleeding for a while, blec!! So i went to the doctor, not my regular because we couldn't get in, she swabbed my throat and did a little check up, nothing was wrong with me! What the?! She said to keep gargling salt water and sucking on cough drops. I don't think she knows what she's doing, because my throat feels like sandpaper and i want to die! :( *sigh* And i had to have the amazing Nikki take one of my shifts at work today, so i lost like $60!! GRRRR..... I just wanna be better so i can talk with out pain and swallow, and get the taste of salt out my mouth! :( And Kazhia and Kelsey are still gone... oh gee...

Date Night!

So i was just getting off work last night when I got a call to go on a date! It was a kid that's been in my seminary classes for a few years, he's in my stake, Ryan. We doubled with Jacob Hofeling and Hillary Golthwaite. We went to Jacobs house and finger painted on "canvases" or something like unto it :) they were actually pieces of cardboard with white cloth stapled to them. The other couple had to tell the other couple what to paint. Me and Ryan had to paint a rocket ship, a jack o' lantern, a tree full of monkeys, a unicorn, and a man running from a boulder! It was really fun. We had them paint a dolphin, a mini horse playing the drums and... I can't remember the other ones. Then we made chips and cheese and ate it in the candle light (tea light candles) then we made mini s'mores in the candles! They bought mini marshmallows and Scoobie Doo snacks (little graham crackers) and chocolate chips. Put it all together and we had mini s'mores! It was so much fun! I let Ryan keep the painting, doesn't quite match my room decor :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

That's My Brother!

Skylar's been trying to teach himself how to play the guitar for a while, and he finally learned the song he's been working on. Blink is a big band in this house, so what better to learn than one of their songs?!

Dang it
By:Blink 182

It's alright
to tell me
what you think
about me
I won't try
to argue
or hold it
against you
I know that
you're leaving
you must have
your reasons
The season
is calling
your pictures
are falling down

The steps that
I retrace
the sad look
on your face
The timing
and structure
did you hear
he kissed her?
A day late
a buck short
I'm writing
the report
On losing
and failing
when I move
I'm flailing now

And it's happened once again
I'll turn to a friend
Someone that understands
Sees through the master plan

But everybody's gone
And I've been here for too long
To face this on my own
Well I guess this is growing up

Well I guess this is growing up

And maybe
I'll see you
at a movie
sneak preview
You'll show up
and walk by
on the arm
of that guy
And I'll smile
and you'll wave
we'll pretend
it's okay
The charade
it won't last
when he's gone
I won't come back

And it'll happen once again
You'll turn to a friend
Someone that understands
And sees through the master plan

But everybody's gone
And you've been there for too long
To face this on your own
Well I guess this is growing up

Well, I guess this is growing up
Well, I guess this is growing up

Work Updates

I basically LOVE working! Call me crazy, but sitting out in the AZ temps of 110+ degrees is just my kind of day :) Theres this crazy kid, i call him goggle boy, he has these giant neon yellow goggles, the kind that plug your nose for you and he is the cutest craziest thing I've ever seen. Has anyone ever seen salad fingers?! he sort of has hands like him, long crinkly looking fingers here, see:
There was a dust devil coming from the soft ball fields next to the pool the other day, and he came up to me about 10 times pointing with his crazy fingers asking me if i see it, then he started getting into how a dust devil forms he's probably like 10, it was interesting. He's totally a pool rat, comes everyday from 1-7 all by himself, just playing with random children that will let him.
But then, there are the good pool rats, Nikki and I got to know one last year that is just ADORABLE! His name is Adam, he's about 4 feet tall and is almost 13, i can't quite figuire out if he's Mexican yet, im too scared to ask, hahaha maybe today i will. But he is really fun. There will be plenty of Adam stories to come
just you wait!
Everyone should come visit me at Brimhall, I love when people come that I know! And if im on office when you come, i might just let you slide.....? lol I work everyday except Mondays, so come come come!

Baby Come Back!.....From Camp Shadow Pines!!

This is one of the actual cabins we stayed at for camp, it's so cute!
So Tuesday morning at 6:30 a.m. my two best friends left me to go up to girls camp till Saturday afternoon. I didn't end up going this time around because working is a little higher on my priority list to save money to buy a car, so i can move out at the end of the summer. But I miss them like crazy! When i come home from work at 7:00 with no kaz or kel to hang out with, and a boring night ahead of me with no one, I crumble! Die! huuuuuh... At least I still have Nikki tho! she's been a great help to me :) Like last night for example, we went to Wendy's and got frosty's then came back to my room and just chilled. Then my mom called me on my cell FROM THE LIVING ROOM! and asked if we wanted to go to Albertsons for her, so we went shopping for mama, it was fun! Wow, i didn't realize how pathetic that night was until i wrote it down.....hmmmm. Only the rest of today and then 2 more days till the girls come home. WAAAAAHOOOOO!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hill Rolling!

I love these pictures, they make me laugh.

This picture is my new favorite picture of us, I love it to death and beyond! I colored my hair the day before graduation, you can see it really good in this picture. Thanks Britt :)

Me and Kaz found that rolling down the hill in front of the seminary building was extremely fun, especially for how hyper we were being, the way down one time i actually rolled straight into the nasty sewer water that was right by the drain :( It was sad, but it did not stop my hill rolling fun!!!

Adventure Day With Nikki!!

Me and Nikki had a girls day out today, Kazhia joined us for the first store, then had to go home. But my friend was in desperate need of some crazy girl time, and spending money shopping on top of that, makes it all better :) So we went to Kohl s first, where she got the two big bags for NAU. Super Cute Nikki! Then i found the section of clearance jewelry and I lost all control!! lol not really, but I bought 4 pairs of earrings for like $9!! SAWEET! Then we went to the mall and seriously shopped all over. We both bought heels from Charlotte Russe for $7, their having a crazy sale, so i urge all to go :) And i needed some new sunglasses for the guard season, so the heart man is modeling them off for me, I love him! Also, at Claire's I bought two new hair flowers, their so cute, I'm way excited to wear them! Then we wandered into Hollister, and i bought super cute brown crazy soft pants, and Nikki bought this long sleeve shirt for when she goes to NAU.

Roller Blading!!!
Nikki's car was perfect for a fun photo shoot!

The skates that provided the fun!
Skating Around!

Thanks for a great girls day out Nikki Chickie! It was a blast :) "Don't worry be happy now.. oooh oooh oooh oooh ooh oooh ooh ooooh ooooh ooohh ooooh oooohhh oooh oooh!!" You know! :)