Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Kazhia,

Best Friend!!
I just miss you to death :( words can't explain, actually.
Im so bored all the time Kazhia! I just want to call you and tell you to meet
me half way and do our mustaches and make grilled cheese
sandwiches and wax
random toys and put them on Garrett's bed and pull
pranks on people and just talk to your gorgeous face!!

Yeah, I know we call each other from like 800 miles away a lot but it's
not the same!
I need my Best Friend back :( *Sigh* )
I love you Kazhia!!!

In the great words of BSB:

No one else comes
close to you
No one makes me feel the way you do
Your so special girl to me
And you'll always be eternally

Ok and to take away to creepiness of that I'll explain....

Line 1: No one else WOULD ever come close to you when I was around because they know if they'd try to steal you as MY best friend, Id beat them up :)
Line 2: Hmmm how shall i say this?! No one makes me feel like I need to pee so bad when I laugh! BAHAHAHA! :)
Line 3: You are so special, with all your medical problems i can't believe your still around! :0 hahahahahaha!!!!

I love you Kazhia Marie!!!!!

Kylee Nicole

Oh! And for old time sake this picture is for you :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jared and Jess

~Engagement Pictures~
LOVE the stairs!

This pose is super cute! Brooke did a few different things with it...If you look to the left you can see Zach! Haha, he didn't want to stay out of the way :)

Our cousin Brooke actually took the pictures for them, Great Job Girl! :)
~Cute Little Family~
Way Cute!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Old Pictures

My sister Emily gave me a gift certificate to Shutter fly for my Birthday back in August and I hadn't used it yet, so i decided to check it out! It's super cool, like on line scrap booking! Idecided to make a book,i gave it the unique title of "The life of Kylee Nicole Stradling" i know, im genious :) Anyways, I was looking through the very few pictures my mom has of me and my sister Jenna from when we were little and some of Stephen and us too.We don't have any of all four of us though, which makes me sad, but i found some super cute ones to use....So i just thought to share them.

This last picture is my absolute favorite of us two! I love it :)

My weekend

This weekend wasn't too amazing, it was actually just a typical one..

Friday i chilled with Joe Turner, who was down from Texas for a few days.
We went out to Arby's, then walked around the mall and
just goofed off, I miss that kid!Then we went to Sammy's house with some other guys and watched
The Princess Bride, That was exciting!
I forget how much i love that movie till i actually watch it....

Then Saturday i hung out with Sammy and Karsten
Me and Sam actually dusted off the old tandem bike and took it for a ride!
It was so much fun!!! We rode it down to Crazy Sub on Signal Butte and got ice cream,
not to mention we almost died like 3 times!! :) And i have huge bruises on
my knees from them hitting his seat in front of me :( I hurt!!!
But it was super fun none the less :)
This is curt trying to get a good picture of us while making sure we don't crash!

Then Karsten fell asleep after some crazy games of Skip Bo,
Which i lost every one of :(
Then a quick movie and home! It was a fun day.Then Sunday Me and Curt went to listen to Bryce give his talk
our sole purpose was to make funny faces at him, but he didn't look at us :)
Dang! Hee-Hee

Then i came home and did Jessica's hair for their engagement pictures.
They both looked so cute, Im excited to see them! They even
took little Zach to get a few pictures of all three of them.
Then off to the fireside with Curt and Karsten we went! 30 minutes late
and we died sitting there that long, it was uh....
kinda boring, that was a lie, it was really boring!

So...that's all my excitement.
Plus a little drama, who doesn't have that tho right? I just wish it could
all be over with...who invented that anyways?! Sheesh...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Day At The Park!

Me and Zach went to the park today!
We played basketball,soccer, and had races! {of course he won}
He also got a kick out of my Indian mud bowls, i call them, He did a pretty good job
making one by himself!

Follow up!

Haha, Ok so that was a fun experience!
It was AWESOME! I don't think other words could describe....
And yes,there was a funny story I can tell you all!
(Keep in mind this was a full body ok?)

Soooo, she asked me if i wanted my glutes worked on in the middle of the massage,


When she said that I wasn't really thinking and thought that she
meant my thighs or something..Haha i don't know why!


And i say "Sure, why not."
And that's when i very quickly had my memory refreshed of
where my glutes really were :)
It wasn't too terribly awkward, but enough to make it weird...

Oh Boy, I worry myself sometimes :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Im off to get my first massage EVER!! I'll let you all know how it goes. It should be very intersting because im THE most ticklish person in the world, No joke :) Haha, im actually kinda scared...don't know why, i just am!
Peace out!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Peace Out Nikki!!

Last hour with Nikki!
We decided to take a few more pictures while we finally looked normal :)

Gorgeous Girlsand again....Being GoofyTake oneTake 15 probably, it took us so many tries not to laugh!Psycho pants'!Me laughing in the middle of what should have been a picture.
I forget who's idea this one was... probably mineThis is just hideous and a half....I have NO neck! hahahaSad she's leaving!!
You can sort of see her new hair in these pictures, not too well though!

Thanks for the amazing fun Nik! Im so excited to come up to you next, for reals!!
Im gonna miss you everyday, like normal :) Take care of
yourself and keep me updated Girly!


PS: Hey...Hola!

Sick :(

I hate! hate! hate! being sick :(

Im not going into detail, but i hurt!
My throat, ya i want to rip it out! Over and over again.
When i get strep, it's probably the worst thing ever!! Why you ask?
Because my tonsils grew inside out. So the infections stay longer and it's harder to get rid of, MORE PAIN FOR KYLEE! :( there's gonna be a few sad days ahead of me.
I have no idea how, doc says im a medical mystery...haha

Here's the things that are keeping me alive these days:

I basically eat these like candy
Advil is and will always be my best friend!
Kleenex...don't need to go any further.

Has anyone ever had Costco vitamin C?! It's heaven.
I swear i take more of these a day than i really should.
And of course Sonic, it hurts to swallow it, but kind of worth it :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Incredibly Exciting News!!

Jared and Jessica are Engaged!!
They met online and started dating about 4 weeks ago and now they have decided to get married! Jess is such a fun, cute, sweet, and all around great person to be around.
She has a 5 year old son named Zach who is just adorable!
We have already fallen in love with him and his crazy personality :)
We cannot wait for them two, to be a new part of
our family!
They plan on being married December 5th of this year.

Zach and I, he liked my sunglasses :)