Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I absolutely LOVE Dashboard's new cd to the maxx! :] Something about this song just gets me and I can't stop listening to it!! Its definitely my fav :]
{the whole cd is amazing but this song especially}

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun Fun

Word Collage! Make yours HERE!

If Only....

I was looking on Cragislist for pianos
{who knows why I torture myself so..??}
And found these 2 that i INSTANTLY fell for!!
Both antiques and only $300 :) But I cannot have them :'(

1891 Cornish Upright

Early 1900's by J. Peterson & Co
This one is more plain obviously, but that's one of the reasons I love it!
Simple, yet GORGEOUS to meeee!
I especially like the music stand on it too...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Music Time

I have found that I am IN LOVE with anyone who can play the piano
{give or take a few people lol}
But especially Jon Schmidt!!
This is my ALL TIME favorite song of his: "All Of Me" ENJO-O-Y!

Me and Kel used to listen to him every night
when we were trying to sleep....
Whenever I watch or listen to him play i always think:
"I wish I could play like THAT!" or
"There's NO WAY I could ever be that good.."
Which is true if I think like that right?
So im not gonna think like that anymore!
I'm going to look through all my hundreds of pages of sheet music and find something I've either given up on, or never tried cause it "looks too difficult for me"
But first im going to master and complete my favorite piece of piano music i own that my Madre got me for Christmas a
couple years ago and played at one YW's in Excellence, but wasn't too happy with it. So my goal now is to PERFECT it and LOVE it!
maybe if your lucky ill post it : / ha
Don't get your hopes up!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Paranormal Activity

AAAAHHHHH...Ok not THAT scary, but it spooked me
pretty good! :/

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holy cows its been FORRR-EEEV-ERRR!

Life sure has been one big gigantic adventure lately! Im gonna try to get back into this thing....
Here is just a little recap in pictures of what you missed
(which is really not that interesting)

Kylee moved in with Jenna and Jaedon

It was freezing but Me and Jaedon can't stay outta the pool

But me and Jenna sure enjoyed the hot tub!!! : ]
Shea's Birthday Party : ]
Sumo wrestling Sammy.... what a ridiculous idea lol
Me and Jaedon all ready!
I went to the Tryon side of the fam this year with Jenna.
So much fun to catch up with old family, just chill and EATTT! : ]

Thanksgiving weekend Nikki was able to come down from NAU, and luckily
had some time for little ol me : ]

I think its a given when you go to the mall you HAVE to
try on sunglasses : ] Don't you?

Aunt Bonna, Drew,Jenna, Jaedon, Grandma, Grandpa, D'anna, Makenna and I
all took a trip to the Phoenix Zoo and had a BLAST!

Grandma Elmo's Surprise 70th Birthday Party!!!
all sitting in the dark and waiting : ]
Recolored my hair...it was in definite neeed! : ]

And got NEEEEWWWW glasses!!
[excuse the weird face lol]

Later than Thanksgiving and earlier than Christmas
Kylee and Jenna make a pumpkin pie : ]

December 19th Kaz comes home for Christmas!!! : ]

Church with Kazhia : ]
We got bored in Sunday School if you couldn't tell!!!

Christmas Eve I spent the night at my families house... That was way fun!
I don't have pictures, we'll have to do without. I just got one of me
and Sky real fast cause he looked extra studly that day lol : ]

Christmas Day....
Kazhia, Kylee and Nikki Adventures:
for the 2 weeks she was here Nikki and I were living at her house : ]

These are the moments i live for : ] no joke.

Jared and Jessica's Wedding!
Welcome to the family Jess and Zach : ]
Jaedon's 3rd Birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese!!!

You should all be glad i don't have pictures of New Years Eve... lol

Curt, Greg and I (i guess you could say i helped, i picked up little trees : ) )
Packed his flat bed full of old Christmas trees and were gonna have a
bonfire for New Years but it ended up being a "No Burn Day"
So the next weekend we ended up burning all these trees!
School is over at the end of May and I cannot wait! 4 months.. Yahoo! : ]
Life is slowly getting to where it should be..... Thank goodness for
amazing friends and family to help us along the way, eh???