Thursday, July 30, 2009

:) My Birthday :)

9 DAYS!!!!
I'm so excited....18! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Sorry this is kinda long!

Friday night Kaz, Nikki and I had a crazy sleepover!
We blasted up the I pod to only the craziest party songs, jumped on her bed,
used phones and remotes for mic
wore our cool sunglasses inside while dancing and got really pooped doing it all!
And of course there was tons of junk food and soda involved.
We watched "Freedom Writers", If you haven't seen it I highly suggest you see it,
then we went to bed around 2:00.

Saturday was a crazy day, I worked for 10 hours!!!
8 hours public and a reservation from 6-8 pm.
I also got ANOTHER sunburn on top of the one I had from Friday.
I guess I ask for them since I don't care about sun
screen anymore huh?
It hurts really bad, ya know when your so sore it hurts when your skin moves,
Ya like that! Then after wards I met up with people and they went ice blocking,
I was sitting miserably with my burn,and got 23 mosquito bites!!!! :( But laughed at people being goof balls the whole time, that was a plus :)

Today my family and I went to the Reeds ward
to listen to my cousin Cody give his farewell
He's going to the Idaho, Pocatello Mission; reporting August 5th.
It's so weird to see people grow up. When I was little I would ALWAYS
be at their house playing Pokemon, watching Arthur, Price is Right (we loved that!)
Acting like we were magicians, playing with the play McDonald's set,
and playing goons berries on the trampoline!!!
And now he's all grown up and going on his mission!
Where does the time go?!

I also went to Rylan Tellers farewell talk today. Kaz and I went together.
He's going somewhere in Peru- im not exactly sure,and leaves on Tuesday. How crazy!!
Same deal goes for Rylan- It's so cool to see all our friends sending in their papers,
getting their call and then the time comes when they actually leave!
I know both of these men are going to do great and l
ove their missions!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kylee's 18th Birthday!!!

My Birthday is in 14 days!!!! What should I do for my party?! I need ideas and I need them pretty dang fast, if you have any then tell me please! So far i've thought of having a "Class and Stache" party, where you dress up and wear a mustache.... uh...... so help me fast! lol Thank ya!
Kylee Nicole

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Sad Finding

I basically cried when I found this, I think everyone can relate.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Best Friend

Scrapblog,Scrapbook,Favorite Mom
I'm gonna miss her! 34 days :{

Monday, July 20, 2009


So i basically have this weird fear of tornadoes,
though I've never seen one or been in one.

They just really scare me to death for some reason
Every once in a while I'll have these crazy scary dreams about them,
I wake up like 3 times a night, then when i fall back asleep,
I have another one! It's so scary : / It hasn't happened in a while,
and i just had to have them last night! AAAAHHHH!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Disneyland Pics

I totally forgot I bought these pictures!

Were you all wondering where the goofy car ride pictures were?! Well wonder no more, here they are!!

Hahahaha good times there, reeeeaaaal goooood times!

Splash mountain is so fun, you have a lot of time to think of what funny pose your gonna strike going down into the brier patch (did i just say brier patch?! lol)These two pictures are ones I didn't have on the other Disney land pictures that i think are fun. Mickey Mouse has a Birthday hat on!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Thank goodness school is over! Well, i wish, actually It's just over for the summer, but that's still waaaay cool! My summer days of getting up early are now over. The last couple weeks I didn't have to get up as early with my Daddy because he lost his job, so i had to drive myself. He's been looking like crazy,Poor man, and can't seem to really find anything- so if anyone knows/hears of anything let me know!

Last night I spent the night at Kazhia's house. We had an interesting night you could say. Kaz, Nikki, and I all ate a whole tub of ice cream in her bed, yeah we felt real good after that! And i crashed at like 11:00 because I just can't ever seem to stay up late. Me and Kaz were talking about it a while ago and we were wondering what happened to us because we used to be able to stay up so so so late, and now we can't seem to stay up past like 2! We ARE getting old :/ hahahaha!

The guard season has only 2 weeks left as of Monday :( It all went by way too fast!! This summer was totally my favorite by far, our staff just keeps getting better and better. Well,minus beating each other up with guard tubes, or noodles, or Dominick's beater stick or whatever else we may seem to find that could cause pain.... The day's are way fun :) Im going to be so sad when the last day rolls around *sigh*


Come while you still can!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Most Embarrassing Moment

Ok so on Emmy's blog she had everyone write their most embarrassing childhood moment, and well, truth be told im still a child. So i haven't had all that i can have yet. The ones I do have tho are way crazy and incredibly sensitive to talk about. But once i went and read all the other posts that people put up for EVERYONE else to read I thought I could share mine. So here goes nothing :/

For the sake of the story lets call this boy Jimmy.
So Jimmy and I were at the park one night ( I hadn't had my first kiss yet at the moment) and we were having tons of fun!! REWIND for a sec. Jimmy and his brother always talked about showing me and my friend "what feet were for" seriously for like months but always said "No. No. it's not the right timing." So we just let it go. PLAY So we were just playing on the swings and doing whatever, then he looks at me and says "Hey can I show you what feet are for?" (I always had a feeling that it had to do with kissing, so I freaked out for a second and a half) So we go walk off on the play ground and he just looks at me.
Then he asks me "Do you know what hands are for?"
Me- "No, what?!"
Jimmy- "To hold" *Puts my hands in his*
Jimmy- "Do you know what arms are for?"
Me- "No, what?!"
Jimmy- "To hold you tight"
Jimmy- "Do you know what feet are for?"
Me- "No, what?!" *hesitantly asking*
Jimmy- "To move closer" *takes one more step toward me and really can't get any closer*
Me- "What are you doing?!" (hahahahahaha im a nerd!)
Jimmy- "Sssshhh, Do you know what lips are for?"
My thoughts- Oh my gosh, is this it?! Cuz this is pretty cute... i guess, wait, what am I doing? what do i do? Will this be gross? How awkward will it be when it's over? aaaahhhh! Then i manage to say:
"Um.. I could take a guess." (how stupid am I? what does that even mean?!)
Jimmy- "Ok" * stares into my eyes like he NEVER has before, leans into me.............................................
Then he puts his finger to his lips, moves them up and down and makes a stupid motor sound thing with his mouth and starts laughing!!!! I died.... there was no kiss. end of story :(
But our first kiss story is almost as funny- Maybe a later time :)

Kylee Is........

Confused about life. Has anyone figured it out yet?!?! Tell me!! Tell me!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Emily's Party & Dezi

Emily and Dezi already love each other! As a birthday present to herself Emily went out and bought little Dezi! She's so so so precious and teeny tiny, about 2 1/2 mos old. She's so rambunctious! Shelby is very scared of her for some reason...? It's fun to watch them try and play together. These are the pictures of the first day in her new family!
Adorable Blue eyes! Oh my!Don't pay attention to how gross I look, i just got out of the shower from working today so..... :/ Check out the sunglasses tan tho.... dude! ha-ha

This is how scared Shelby is of Dezi, she was hardly off my daddy's lap :) Silly doggy!

Emily's Birthday Party

Me all ready to go party!The B-day CakeWe all had so much fun. I still say we were playing golf points (hint hint nudge nudge!!) lol I stink at bowling :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

10 Things I Dislike

Tobie Ann tagged me for this fun little game... I guess it's a game, so im excited to do it!
These are in no particular order, I just put them on as I thought of them.

#1 Milk

It makes me want to throw up basically, enough said.

#2 Forest Gump

This movie makes me cry like I never have before, I don't even enjoy it the least bit when it's over. Therefore I don't watch it.

#3 Dr. Pepper

Almost everyone in my house are crazy die-hard Dr.Pepper fans, and I think it's the nastiest soda ever!

#4 My cat "Hobo"
"She's such a jerk, sometimes she'll let you play and hold her, other times she tricks you like she's gonna let you then she bites or scratches your hand off! Dumb cat...

This last camping trip was the only time I've come home from it and liked it, I'm not sure why but I have a feeling I'll never feel like that again, so it goes on the list :)

#6 Johnny Depp
What does anyone see in this?! I have absolutely NO idea whatsoever, he's incredibly disgusting!

#7 Men
Need I say more?

#8 When the microwave isn't cleared
It bugs me so so so bad when someone takes their food out of the microwave early and doesn't clear the time left on it. I have no idea why, it just drives me insane!

#9 Broken Hearts
Of course im talking about myself with this one, but not entirely. I hate the feeling of a broken heart, I hate crying all the time and not sleeping or eating or wanting to get up, and especially dreading the next time you face the person. And then there's the flip side, me knowing I've caused someone else the EXACT same pain, if not worse at times.........

#10 Showering
I know this sounds weird, but i hate to get in the shower and get all wet just to dry myself off and get dressed. Totally weird I know, but i dread shower time. That's why I'm a swimmer :) Why take a shower when you know your gonna get the same way in less than 24 hours?! YOU DON'T, HA!

Now I tag all of you who read this! Bahahahahaha!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who Loves Disney Land?! We Do!!!

So our plans changed a bit for Saturday after we found out it would take us about 3 1/2 hours to get to Six Flags (From close to San Diego picking up our tickets from Kaz's cousin Marty, who was totally cool by the way! He was a crazy surfer man tee-hee!) So then Marty suggested to go to Knott's Berry Farm, so that is just what we did! We had a BLAST AND A HALF! No joke, my girls are crazy :) The rides were super fun too, we rode horses! :) And i did pee my pants on Night Rider of the West a.k.a Ghost Rider (you know! lol) No pictures of that tho :/ Then we checked into our hotel and woke up to Disney Land and Cali. Adventures on Sunday and Monday. Kazhia's aunt Kristin was the amazing woman who drove us and put up with our random annoyance,Thank you Kristin, Oh! and we ate at the Pirates of the Caribbean restaurant, SO SO SO SO good! We all had so much fun, i wish you all could have been there with us! It was pure madness basically, but i wouldn't have had it any other way :) These are just a few pictures we took, there are more hilarious pics of the rides up and down and from D-Land to the hotel and everything, so I'll put them up for your enjoyment later, (I work and go to school to much :(...)

Knott's Berry Farm

California Adventure!

Terrific Toon Town!

Meeting Some Beautiful Princesses