Saturday, November 7, 2009

Creeper on the bus and Karsten!!!

So this innocent looking old man, isn't so innocent after all!
He said creepy things to me THE WHOLE TIME! Here's just a few to give examples:

-While staring at me, yells to the bus driver and asks why do you get all the beautiful women on this route?!" smiling like a child molester or something! :( eeeeeee!!!!!
-Asks if im Irish because im "so pretty" and he likes my "beautiful blonde hair" ( i don't think i have blonde hair!)
-Asks what i do to be successful in life, i didn't answer him! Then he's like, "your so boring your not talkative aaaat aaaaalllll!"
And the worst of them all!
-When your getting up to an intersection the bus talks to you and says "Now approaching Main St!" so we were getting up to Horne Rd. and the bus said it's thing and the old man looks at me and says "Hey! it's not Horne, it's spelled Horn with an E sound at the end, so it's actually Horny Rd! Horny people on Horny Rd! Horny Horny Horny Rd!!! I was so freaked out it's insane!!! I did not look at him or talk to him the next 30 minutes i was on that bus!!!!!!

Why are people such creepers?!?!?!
Pray for me!!!!

Then last night was the bonfire party up in Bull Dog Canyon!
It was so so so much fun! The word got spread all over the valley and there
was so many more people there than expected so we partied it up like crazy!
I had such a fun time! This picture shows that karst sure did too!
He decided that he wanted to jump through the fire to see if he'd still live, and if
he could clear the jump or not...
he did and he's still alive, but it was scary!
He totally burned off tons of hair
on his arms!
That was funny.. but the rest was scary!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Ahahahaha! this was a funny lookin sign on the bus that i
couldn't help but take a picture of!
Check out these ears! lol it just looks so interesting to me :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kylee and The City Bus....

For the past 5 weeks or so I've been moved out basically.
Living with either my sister, or my brother and his wife trading weeks,
and "visiting" home on the weekends.
This causing a lot of chaos for me
and other people involved, and not
to mention i would like to be in my own
bed with all my things
easily at my own access,
not on a couch anymore
living out of a bag!!

So my daddy had the brilliant idea to look at the bus routes.
Now since Daddy has a new job all the way in Tempe and Dallin
goes to work
around the mall at 6, I get dropped off at the bus stop
in front of the mall
at 5:45, then Dallin gets dropped off at work.
Then Dad has the suburban for the day to get to work.

So I take the City bus all the way from Power to Alma School and back every day!

I see some pretty crazy cr
eepers everyday, let me tell you!
Sometimes i try to snap a quick pic while acting like im texting,
but i get scared
sometimes! :/ Interesting fights break out between people too,
that's probably the scariest part!
But, i usually sit right behind the bus driver
so i don't have to be in the
crazy ruckus of the people back there! tee-hee!
Not to mention i can get off that thing A LOT quicker too! :) hahaha
But it is way worth it being able to be home now!
Im a little more tired
now, but I've lived on less sleep before :)

I'll see if i can find a way to get some pictures of weird things i see for you all!!
Here's one that i laughed at for a good while.
Not trying to take an inappropriate pic, just getting the JEAN SKIRT!
His whole presence looked like the hunter man from the
rescuers!!!! lol

ThE bUrN!!!!

Ok so i know im making kind of a big deal about this, but i want you guys to go through it and tell me it doesn't hurt like a freaking..... well you know what!

So heres the
I had just got out of the shower,blew dry my hair and was on my way to straighten it.
{If any of you don't know, me and kel share a room and it gets pretty CrAzY sometimes!}
So i made my way back to my room, enter {at my own risk}
i trip on tons of crap,on Kelsey's side might i add, fall over and put my hand
on her bed to catch myself and somehow just the finger next to my
pinky gets caught and is BURNING in the iron that had
been on
for seriously like 30 minutes!!!
After screaming for about 5 minutes straight and cry
a little
i ran and kept ice on it for about an hour.
It stung so bad when something cold wasn't on it :(
It seems each day it just keeps growing and growing i can't even bend
my finger all the way down, which affects my school work
and piano playing :( sad days ahead of me for a while! *sigh*
As you can see plenty of blisters to worry about and it's super sore :(
You can
pray for me if you so wish :) haha joke!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lovely Ladies,Hair, Emily

****We started our blog........AGAIN! But his time were gonna keep it up, we promise!
If you want to check it out HERE feel free! It's updates of five crazy girls, who lead completely different lives but still love each other just the same,and want to keep others in the loop of whats goin on!

****My mommy decided it was time for a change so we gave her a cute new hair cut!
She wasn't quite ready for the picture
so we only have one of the back (not a very good one)
But you get the idea! :) She looks super cute!

****And you could have guessed that once again I'm at Emily's house for the week so I don't
have to be a beauty school drop out!
I spend my days watching a full 2 hours of
"Tyra", I wouldn't recommend that! Taking a LONG nap everyday, and
then some more tv later on :) But today me and Emily
went swimming, Boy was that a blast and a half! :/ haha kidding!
We had fun! And we went to the MCC library so Emily could do some
homework (where i am now)
Just witnessed a little drama too! This guy (don't think it'll make a difference in the
story, but he was black and kinda scary! : {.... Anyways! He was talking loudly on his
cell phone, librarian lady told him to kindly get off about
3 times, he wouldn't! Then went and got security who called the police! Crazy
things happen on this side of town!
I wanna go home!

Jenna and Jaedon

My sister sent me this adorable picture of my nephew and her the other day when they went to the zoo! I love them to death!
He's such a little monkey man with his banana and look at his amazing blue eyes!
Just had to share! : )

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


How attractive is this?! Baha :)
I went running again today, much hotter than yesterday
but that's ok cause i didn't go nearly as far this time,
But oh how i love it! :)
Notice how i love the RUNNING part of running, not the
soreness!! :(

Monday, October 12, 2009


Today I had A LOT on my mind and decided to get up and JUST RUN!
I had no plan on where to, i just HAD to!
{I used to go all the time by myself or with my big brother,
and for some reason just stopped}

But today after about 5 miles I felt so much better!

My quads and shins burn and hurt like no other but
mind is,not fully, but quite cleared!

I can honestly say .....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fabulous Friday!!

Oh the Adventures you will have at Best Buy!

Look at fish!
Be an alien!
Shower in the Yosemite water fall!Be uh...well...deformed!Get lost in the tropics!Grow an extra eye, nose and mouth!See the Eiffel Tower up close!Be Siamese twins for a few seconds!Get a drawing of you done!And see yourself with a huge forehead! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good times.......Good times!

Where's Wal- I mean Kylee?!

Sad to say that the little white car has gone to heaven :(
This past Monday I was driving to school about 6:50 getting off the 202 onto
Alma School
and i look in my rear view mirror and I see TONS of billowing blacksmoke!

So i pull over and long story short I had to leave the car there and my
Emily had to come save me and take me to school.
You can imagine how that day of school went right? Ya....

Now would be the time to ask your self,

"Wait, the Stradlings only have 2 cars, how will Kylee get to school?!"

Turns out all this week, From Monday night to Friday I was living
on Emily's couch
since she lives near school.
She was amazing to drive me to school everyday,
so i wouldn't have
to lose hours by just staying at home and not going.

I watched a whopping total of DRUM ROLL................

9 movies all week long!!! Hahaha, It was sure a crazy week!

OH! and my cousin Brooke finally had her baby on Wednesday!
Emily and I met my Madre and Kels at the hospital and we got to hold
her 2 hour old little girl Lillyn, Adorable!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Fun!

This weekend my "other sister" and I had a sleep over!!
My cousin Dani and I used to have sleep overs every weekend and I'd practically
live at her house during the summer.
But then...We grew older and more busy :(
So to go along with each others schedules we planed this sleep over
3 weeks in advance and this weekend was it!!!

We made smoothies, watch movies, had a midnight snack ;) (You know Dani!)
watched conference together, and of course had hours of girl talk due to
a lot of catching up!! And that we did :) We now know not to wait so long next time!
Love ya Girl!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Malissa!!

Happy Birthday
Why is she so amazing you might ask?!
Because she puts up with my brother :) Hee-Hee
ya Girl!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Kylee, Stephen, and Skylar's Adoption!


I found this cute little thing and just had to make one for myself!
It's crazy that it has been almost 5 years since we were all adopted...Wow...
I can't even imagine, actually i d
on't want to, where I'd
be today, and the kind of person I'd be if this amazing blessing never
happened in all three of o
ur lives....
I love you Mom and
Dad! :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Kazhia,

Best Friend!!
I just miss you to death :( words can't explain, actually.
Im so bored all the time Kazhia! I just want to call you and tell you to meet
me half way and do our mustaches and make grilled cheese
sandwiches and wax
random toys and put them on Garrett's bed and pull
pranks on people and just talk to your gorgeous face!!

Yeah, I know we call each other from like 800 miles away a lot but it's
not the same!
I need my Best Friend back :( *Sigh* )
I love you Kazhia!!!

In the great words of BSB:

No one else comes
close to you
No one makes me feel the way you do
Your so special girl to me
And you'll always be eternally

Ok and to take away to creepiness of that I'll explain....

Line 1: No one else WOULD ever come close to you when I was around because they know if they'd try to steal you as MY best friend, Id beat them up :)
Line 2: Hmmm how shall i say this?! No one makes me feel like I need to pee so bad when I laugh! BAHAHAHA! :)
Line 3: You are so special, with all your medical problems i can't believe your still around! :0 hahahahahaha!!!!

I love you Kazhia Marie!!!!!

Kylee Nicole

Oh! And for old time sake this picture is for you :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jared and Jess

~Engagement Pictures~
LOVE the stairs!

This pose is super cute! Brooke did a few different things with it...If you look to the left you can see Zach! Haha, he didn't want to stay out of the way :)

Our cousin Brooke actually took the pictures for them, Great Job Girl! :)
~Cute Little Family~
Way Cute!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Old Pictures

My sister Emily gave me a gift certificate to Shutter fly for my Birthday back in August and I hadn't used it yet, so i decided to check it out! It's super cool, like on line scrap booking! Idecided to make a book,i gave it the unique title of "The life of Kylee Nicole Stradling" i know, im genious :) Anyways, I was looking through the very few pictures my mom has of me and my sister Jenna from when we were little and some of Stephen and us too.We don't have any of all four of us though, which makes me sad, but i found some super cute ones to use....So i just thought to share them.

This last picture is my absolute favorite of us two! I love it :)

My weekend

This weekend wasn't too amazing, it was actually just a typical one..

Friday i chilled with Joe Turner, who was down from Texas for a few days.
We went out to Arby's, then walked around the mall and
just goofed off, I miss that kid!Then we went to Sammy's house with some other guys and watched
The Princess Bride, That was exciting!
I forget how much i love that movie till i actually watch it....

Then Saturday i hung out with Sammy and Karsten
Me and Sam actually dusted off the old tandem bike and took it for a ride!
It was so much fun!!! We rode it down to Crazy Sub on Signal Butte and got ice cream,
not to mention we almost died like 3 times!! :) And i have huge bruises on
my knees from them hitting his seat in front of me :( I hurt!!!
But it was super fun none the less :)
This is curt trying to get a good picture of us while making sure we don't crash!

Then Karsten fell asleep after some crazy games of Skip Bo,
Which i lost every one of :(
Then a quick movie and home! It was a fun day.Then Sunday Me and Curt went to listen to Bryce give his talk
our sole purpose was to make funny faces at him, but he didn't look at us :)
Dang! Hee-Hee

Then i came home and did Jessica's hair for their engagement pictures.
They both looked so cute, Im excited to see them! They even
took little Zach to get a few pictures of all three of them.
Then off to the fireside with Curt and Karsten we went! 30 minutes late
and we died sitting there that long, it was uh....
kinda boring, that was a lie, it was really boring!

So...that's all my excitement.
Plus a little drama, who doesn't have that tho right? I just wish it could
all be over with...who invented that anyways?! Sheesh...