Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fresa fun gone BAD!

Me, Nikki, Kaz, and Kel went to Curt's house on Friday night to hang out with Joe before he left for Texas the next morning. We went to Wal-Mart to buy brownies and rent a movie. It looks like it was all fun and games in his suburban on the way there, and your right, it was. The real party happened when we got back to his house and we broke out the Fresa!

The Fresa Chug Chug Chug Party!

I decided to get up on the chair and chug.... i don't even know why..? hahahahaha! Then i was explaining to everyone how big my stomach felt, pretty big!

I was the only one so far who had drank out of this particular bottle of Fresa, so I had the bright idea to finish it off by CHUGGING THE REST OF IT! So everyone that was around me was wanting me to chug all of it, so they all yelled Chug at me. Just when I had a few seconds left to drink and it would be gone, I suddenly thought i was gonna puke! So i threw it down, ran to the sink and started gagging and threw up a little in my mouth, FREAKING SICK! I didn't think i was gonna make it home, so i dropped on the kitchen floor and stayed here for like 5 minutes till kazhia came and helped me to the couch. It hurt so bad!!! From that moment, that was such bad pain that I told everyone that was the extent of my craziness and I would never even want to see what beer would do to me :) hahahahaha! I'm just glad it's all over and done with. What a great turn out for a Friday night :)

Camping June 2009--The whole Shabang!

This is just to finish up the Fossil Creek pictures-
Mom and Emily eating lunch
Stephen and Sky eating...
Stephen and Sky being too chicken to get in the water!
I found a rock and decided to act like Ariel and start singing... sort of :)
Sky swinging on the rope
Stephen was scared of the fish and didn't want to get in, So i had him swim to me on the count of 3!
Sky and Emily diving in together
Me screaming at the fish swimming around me!
Papa in the creek!

And now the pictures from Strad Mountain! (That's what we named our campsite)
Mom playing the game
Dad and ShelbyEthan and Malissa in the hammock, their adorable together :)
Emily loved her Flag chair!
Honestly, I have no idea what Sky is doing.... i wasn't lying when i said id post ugly camping pictures! haha!
Dad was sleeping when Emily was taking this picture, while i was tickling him with a branch :)
Me watching the kids play Bogo ball, check out the pants and shoes! EEEEEEKKKKK!
Me and Papa on Fathers Day with his cool shirt I bought him :) He wears it cute!
Everyone said i looked like a jockey this day with my plaid jacket, shorts and knee high green socks and a hat.
Jared cookin' up a good dinner for us all!
Ethan and Malissa helping with dinner.
Emily and Kelsey being sillies!
Dad relaxing in his camping chair
Kelsey and Stephen having fun camping
Me and Stephen, he loved to wear my glasses.He's so cute!Stephen was better than me at this game--Crazy!Kelsey holding up her favorite stick...?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fossil Creek Fun-ness!

These are just a few pictures of Fossil Creek that we went to while camping. There was a really cool swing that someone had tied to a tree that we all swung on, I was really scared to actually! haha! And all those fish were crazy! that's what Stephen is doing in the pic above, playing with the fish in the water. Then we all took pictures with Dad (Well all of us who went to the creek) And showed off our lack of muscle, (except Sky of course!) We had a really fun time here! I can't wait to go again!