Monday, August 31, 2009

Photo Shoot!

My hair looked especially cute today, so i couldn't help but have a little fun! Therefore; I took a few pictures of myself...I love doing this!
My favorite is the one with my gangster glasses!
Which is yours?!?!

Good Times!

You would all probably be wondering what im doing with my time without my 2 best friends by now,right?! Well here it is!
Ha, That sounds way weirder than it really is, We have tons of fun though!
Random trips to Wal*mart, Scary movie marathons : / , yelling at cars in the over pass,
Hahaha Never a dull moment...that's for sure!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where Art Thou?!

I Miss my Best Friend!!
She called me tonight and i wanted to cry! She told me all about her day and her many adventures, and her seeing Jericho Road, JEALOUS! :) It was fun talking to her, instead of texting whenever we want to talk... But I miss you Kaz! I don't even know what your new home looks like, or who your roommate is, or your public showers!! :) haha
As, your best friend I need to see all these things to approve
of where you are, Please Hurry!

Here's some of my favorite pics of her!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Goodbye Kylee... Hello BYU :(

So... Yesterday morning at about 9:45 my best friend was on her way to her
future...IN UTAH!

We always talked about how weird it was that she was actually leaving, but I have
to say that it didn't really HIT me until today, obviously...

I spent the night with her one last time on Monday night, and helped her pack
up the car that was going to take her away (why did I do that?!)
And even then it didn't seem "real" to me then...

Then yesterday morning after all was packed up and ready to go her Daddy
says "Ok were all ready" We then said a prayer and me and Kaz just
look at each other. That's when I lost it.
I grabbed my best friend and we just cried.. i told her I hated her
(just kidding and angry of course) and she sings to me
"Every little thing... is gonna be alright..Don't worry about a thing"

But that's just the thing...Even when she was here i still worried, and everything
was not alright.. when she was able to be right next to me
to help me here...
I don't know...?

Then for old times sake, she walked me back half way to my house.
And if any of you know us, we always met each other half way
between our houses and would sing
"I start walking your way, you start walking mine, we'll meet in the middle beneath
that old PALO VERDE!"
The house that marked the 1/2 way point had what we thought was a Palo verde tree..
More hugging and crying.. then i kissed her forehead and she was off!

I am so extremely happy for her though!!! I know that she'll be happy
up there and have the best time meeting new people, being in a new scene
and love living the Utah life!

I've "lost" the 3 Best Friends I've ever had this year.... Im not too happy
with my life at the moment..
I REALLY feel all by myself now.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Goodbye to our NAU Girl!

Nikki Left Thursday morning, so Wednesday night me and Kaz went to her house to play the WII and have a Fresa party! We had a BLAST of a good time! Here's a little of what happened that night!
Nikki and Charlotte with one last goodbye together! Me and Nikki crying (sort of) together!Kaz and Nikki making the face we'll all be making for a few days!So this picture has a funny story behind it! We were trying to both kiss her cheek, and we were about to take the picture when i started laughing and spit all over Nikki's cheek!! Bahahaha!!Ahhh... Here we go. The perfect shot!

Then Thursday morning at 6:00 Nikki came to my house to say Goodbye to me one last time before she left, and me for school... It was so so sad, but I'm so glad she did!
I miss her...everyday! I love you Nikki Chickie :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dearest Nikki Chicken....

Nikki is leaving tomorrow morning, so tonight were having one last
Fresa party at her house.
There is no doubt in my mind that im not gonna at least cry like 8 different times
tonight! :( The time is now nigh, and I hate this feeling, the feeling of change, that
were actually growing up, moving on in the world, and saying goodbye.
I don't know what me and kaz are gonna do with out you Nikki!
Through all the years we've been friends we always knew
we were missing something, someone and it was YOU! You brought
out the best and sometimes the worst in us,
but we had a bomb.com time doing it eh?!
I love you! This is just a little something i needed to tell you,
so here it goes:

Dear Nikki,
I want you to know that im going to miss you so dang much!!
You've been such a great friend and amazing help to me through
the last year! Your crazy, loving personality is what i absolutely
adore about you. You have such a long, enjoyable journey ahead
of you and i want you to party it up! I can't believe the time is
here and your really leaving us tomorrow, I mean, we've always
talked about each other graduating and moving on in the world,
but now that it's here... It's so hard to comprehend and i can't
believe that the time is here now, hours away! But im so so happy
for you girl! Your going to do amazing and make friends in NO
TIME! Don't forget about me, because I'll never forget you and,
the great influence you've been in my life this far! I love you
so so much Nikki Chicken! Be safe and Have the time of your life!
Kylee Nicole

I lOvE yOu!


Sorry guys i haven't blogged in forever! Here's a little of what I've been up to in a nut shell!

I'm usually at Kazhia's house lately, but it's weird cuz it seems me and Matty
(Kazhia's daddy) seem to have all the fun without her...?
Like for example, taking this goofy picture and eating tons of
Colored circus animal cookies :)
Sorry Kaz!

And on Tuesday we went on an intense date!
I was with a friend I've worked with for 2 years, Brad
(He's leaving on for his mission at the end of the month :( he's going
to Mississippi Spanish speaking, haha he's way excited!)
Kazhia with Karsten
Nikki with Jacob
Zach with Hillary
We had so much fun, it was crazy!
We had a DDR and GH contest
Ice cream sculpting (that's what the pictures are of,
but they sort of melted....)
Me and Brad attempted the Mesa temple :)
Kazhia and Karsten made a cello and a mermaid
Nikki and Jacob made a school bus with children and all inside!
and Zach and Hillary i think made some kind of hideous man....?
After we went to the park and went produce bowling!
We used potatoes and a cantaloupe! Bradley and I totally dominated!!!!
We also had everyone wear a plain white t shirt with swim suites underneath
So we could have an bomb water balloon fight.... with food coloring in them!!
All our shirts looked pretty dang cool if i do say so myself :)
Then off to Nikki's house for a fun time in the pool and we ordered pizza.
We played all sorts of goofy games, and acted like penguins for some odd reason....?
But it was SOO SOO much fun!

My Birthday! Last Saturday night was my 18th Birthday, so Friday night Nikki and I spent the night at Kazhia's house so we could party it up at midnight!!
And that is just what we did :) at midnight, we ran up and down the streets
hitting pots and pans... like complete idiots and had a blast doing it!
Then kaz made me a cake out of little.. chocolate cake
things and i blew out my candles after they sang to me :)
It was tender!! Then i opened my presents, Nikki gave a presentation
with hers, it was tons of inside jokes that we've accumulated through the year...
Good stuff there! And Kazhia's gift... we'll that can't be written (and my does that sound wrong!)
Haha! I hope you all like our birthday hats! :)
Then Saturday we went tubing... the bus sang Happy Birthday to me, It was exciting!
And there were tons of Mexicans at the river, kinda scary but Curt and Bryan protected us. uh....
BAHAHAHA!!! We all had a really good time tho, pure chaos.
I think everyone's favorite part was the GIGANTIC marshmallows!!!!
(sorry no pictures of that tho I wish we had taken pics...sad day!)

This past weekend was YSA conference and it was so bomb! We had a pool party on Friday night at Shepherd, and a BBQ. Then Saturday we had classes till 1:00 then had lunch, then played some team building games, went home till 6 then had a fun Luau dinner and watched some crazy people dance!! Then around 7 the real party started!! Me and Kaz danced for 4 hours straight!!! AAAAHHH! Our legs hurt like no other... we partied too hardy :( lol But it sure was fun!! Then Sunday night we had a really good fireside.. this one actually kept my attention WOAH!

And right now im just looking for a job!!
I have an interview with a respite and habilitation company
next Wednesday so we'll see how that goes!
School is pretty good, im hanging in there, only 9 months to go!!! uh....Lame and
My Financial Aid is being a bum and taking forever to go through, that's the Pitts!!
But other than that, my life is not as exciting as it once was or that i wish it was....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Sister Day!

"'Sisters is' probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship."

"A sister smiles when one tells one's stories - for she knows where the decoration has been added."

"When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against us?"
i lOvE yOu EmILy & KeLsEy!!!